Nuttall Equestrian is based at Vale Farm, Queen Camel, home of the Nuttall family.


I am hugely grateful for the support my sponsors give me.

Williams + Williams
Williams + Williams David Williams is the son of a farmer who started riding at the age of six and attended the local pony club. He diversified into all weather arenas many years ago. He has many years experience and specialises in good drainage and attention to detail. His numerous satisfied customers include top class equestrian riders, both event and dressage riders, including horse trainers who use our all weather gallops.
Equ Streamz
Equ Streamz The EQU StreamZ patented design provides a non-intrusive natural pain relief device to the equestrian community, tested on humans for use on animals. Not only has the EQU StreamZ band been found to support recovery from injured muscles, strains, wounds, and pains; evidence has been collected showing a significant reduction in inflammation and a variety of health issues suffered by horses. EQU StreamZ bands are provided in packs of two. Each weather-resistant band is wrapped around the fetlock/hock area and should be left on at all times or for a minimum of 8 hours per day.

EQU StreamZ provide a low cost and natural response to a variety of symptoms, by rebalancing compounds and minerals in the body. This helps reduce inflammation and pain associated with a large variety of complaints. Many symptoms have been reported as being significantly improved whilst wearing the bands, including arthritis, lameness, suppleness, energy levels and inflammation. In turn, this has led to a reported reduction in administered medication levels. The EQU StreamZ band creates no known negative side effects and can be used on competing horses at all levels.
Wincanton Chiropractic
Wincanton Chiropractic Providing Chiropractic care since 1994 to the Dorset and Somerset area, we are a family run practice which offers an individually tailored treatment plan. Our clinic in Wincanton, and clinics held within GP surgeries in Sherborne and Queen Camel we offer appointments 6 days a week. Weekend, evenings and an out of hours emergency appointments are available.
We offer individual rehabilitation programmes. If you are unsure if we can help please feel free to call for a friendly chat or to book your free spinal assessment.​
Redmills For people who value their animals – whether as high performers or as family pets - Connolly's RED MILLS has been an automatic choice for over 100 years, and the fifth generation of our family is continuing this proud tradition today.

We know just what it takes to get you the best results in terms of animal nutrition, health and performance, and some of the most successful high-performance animals in the world have been fed on RED MILLS. We are known and trusted by the leading trainers and owners within the equestrian and greyhound sectors.

The products that produce these results are supported by some of the most technologically advanced plant and processes in the world.
Equine Products UK
Equine Products UK Equine Products UK ltd is a company committed towards maintaining and establishing its renowned worldwide reputation for superior products that assist the horse to maximise its athletic performance through nutritional supplementation.

Equine Products UK Ltd consistently meets customer expectations while complying with applicable statutory regulations by applying the defined standards within the organisation, with the suppliers and our customers.

At Equine Products UK Ltd, we endeavour to consistently maintain the highest quality standards by taking the learning and application process to the grass root level. Fully licensed manufacturing facilities in Newcastle upon Tyne supply top quality products on a world-wide basis.

Rest assured that every one of the Equine Products supplements have been tried and tested to ensure that you are getting the quality that only over 30 years of industry experience can provide.
fosse-way-fodder Fosse-way-fodder started in Dec 2004 after many years suppling small bales of hay and straw to the equine market, we realized that for us to keep ahead in the market place we needed a product that we could supply all year round, a product that was easy to handle, and was very low in dust content, so with the aid of a rural development grant we installed a large dust extraction and packaging machine, that could make big bales into little bales, meaning that we could make haylage and hay in a quicker time frame, when grass is at the right stage of growth, we could use the small weather window to make a larger amount of quality hay or haylage.
Cows feet
Cows feet is a division of Steve Paul Ltd. As a company we offer both cattle foot trimming services and training and sell foot trimming supplies.

We are based in Somerset and supply products and run training programmes to farmers and foot trimmers nationwide, while we offer a foot trimming service throughout Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire.

Managing Director Steve Paul trained as a trimmer in Holland in 1991 and is a fully qualified instructor and inspector (NPTC). A founding member of the National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers (NACFT), Steve is qualified as a category 1 trimmer, in all Steve has been trimming cows’ feet for over 28 years. He advises and consults on herd lameness across the country and regularly lectures about and demonstrates cattle foot trimming to farmers, agricultural and veterinary students and other industry professionals.
Voltaire Design
Voltaire Design The Voltaire Design mission is to help everyone fulfill their full riding potential.

We believe our goal is to not only sell high-end products to our customers, but to work with each rider to create a product that will help improve their riding.

We don't tell our suppliers what we need, instead we work with them to get the best out of what they have to offer. They provide us with unparalleled service and products. They appreciate that we have high-quality standard and they help us create outstanding products.

We don't want our employees to be restrained in a box. We want to understand their strengths in order to rely on them. We try to challenge each employee to improve and go beyond where their background and education would otherwise have led them.

We believe that humility and ambition can go together. Kindness and simplicity are very important to us. Last but not least, we would not work as hard as we do if we were not having fun!

Voltaire Design relies on the long French tradition of saddle making. But Voltaire Design is also the first saddle maker to get help from the fashion industry in the design of our products. Voltaire Design is also the first environmentally-friendly saddler in the world.
Botanica Botanica International Ltd was established in 2005 to cater for the growing awareness of natural products and to utilize the wonders of Nature’s Healing Energy. We have a natural herbal range developed to treat common skin conditions. The Herbal range contains a combination of natural ingredients, all of which have proven beneficial properties